Healthcare Management

Take charge of your healthcare by making sure you know how to work with your doctor and insurance companies on a range of important health issues.

Insurance & Bills

Resources for Affordable Prescription Medicine

Medicine can be a very expensive part of your health care treatment. There are assistance programs available that can help…

Understanding Your Medical Bills

You need to be able to read and understand medical bills to know what your insurance company is paying for,…

Health Insurance: Understanding What It Covers

Your insurance policy lists a package of medical benefits such as tests, drugs, and treatment services. These are called “covered…

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Working With Your Doctor

Adolescents and Young Adults: Getting the Preventive Services You Need

Get an early start on good lifelong health by learning about the services and advice your family doctor can provide…

Family Doctor vs. Quick-care Clinic

Quick-care clinics have advantages, however, they cannot replace your family doctor relationship.

Creating a Personal Health Journal (Health Diary)

A personal health journal (health diary) keeps track of your overall health — past and current — and helps you…

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