Your Health Resources health resources include a medical dictionary, Body Mass Index calculator, symptom checker tool, immunization schedules for all ages, nutrient…

Drugs, Procedures & Devices

Safe Use, Storage, and Disposal of Opioid Drugs

Opioid pain relievers (opioids) are used to manage acute and chronic pain. These medicines are powerful pain relievers, but they…

Safe Use, Storage, and Disposal of Opioid Drugs | Printable Patient Tip Sheet

Printable page for patient counseling on safe use, storage, and disposal of opioid drugs

Drug-Nutrient Interactions and Drug-Supplement Interactions

Learn about how drugs can interact with the nutrients in your diet and the supplements you are taking.

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Health Tools

BMI Calculator

Find out your Body Mass Index (BMI) using this free calculator.

Neighborhood Navigator’s Neighborhood Navigator is an interactive tool that connects you to community resources and programs in your neighborhood. With more than 40,000 social services listed by zip code, you can find local services related to: Food Housing Transportation Employment aid Legal

Nutrient Shortfall Questionnaire

Many people don’t get enough nutrients. Complete this questionnaire to assess your risk for common nutrient shortfalls.

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Healthcare Management


Telemedicine is a method of getting medical care by remote. With this approach, a doctor can be in one location and the patient in another. The two can talk using technology. This includes videoconferencing, store-and-forward imaging (sharing data), streaming media, and wireless

Adolescents and Young Adults: Getting the Preventive Services You Need

Get an early start on good lifelong health by learning about the services and advice your family doctor can provide…

Preparing Older Children to Make Medical Decisions for Themselves

There are steps parents can take to help prepare children for the complex world of health care and making informed…

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